The Financial Domination Goddess - Ms. Findom

Listen to what my lips are saying. Click here view my shopping list. Spoil me, sub.

Financial Domination

Financial Domination, Findom, or Wallet Rape is a fetish that is mostly embraced by males that enjoy being dominated by a mistress or otherwise dominant female. By offering money and other valuable gifts to their mistress, goddess, or fin domme, men can become the sub, paypig, or money slave that they so desire to be.

Maybe you want me to control your finances? Or maybe you want to shower me with gifts while I pay no attention to you. Either way, your the money slave, and Ms. Findom is your Goddess.

You landed here be cause your a sub. A paypig. A wallet slave. Actually, let me correct my self. You are Ms. Findom’s sub, paypig, and wallet slave. This short passage is all you’ll get from me for now.

I’ve been worshiped as a Goddess since 2011. My best piggies have been with me since, are you ready? As of September 2016 I have some space open to take on a few new slaves. That’s because losers like Subasaurus and German Slave didn’t listen to what Ms. Findom had to say… Do it now, slave!

If you are lucky enough to become one of Ms. Findom’s paypigs, you better be up to the task. I don’t have time for sluts like German Slave. I have room for new piggies at the moment, but that usually doesn’t last long. I don’t have time for most of you. You are just too pathetic. All you are good for is opening your wallet and checking items off my Amazon wishlist.

And of course, Don’t even think about contacting me unless you can prove to me that you are worthy.

Want to Become My Money Slave?

Not so fast...

Let’s see if you are cut out to be Ms. Findom’s money slave.

make a tribute and buy me some jewelry.
Ms. Findom in her new heels ready to take your money in her financial domination dungeon

About Ms. Findom

I’m the original Ms. Findom. I’m a dominant female, Goddess, and Mistress. It’s time to submit yourself to me. Make me happy. Make me smile. Do whatever I tell you it takes.

I only accept serious piggies that can handle Ms. Findom in her entirety. So if you aren’t 100% ready, don’t even bother. There’s a line of other money slaves that will gladly let me own their wallet. They’ll obey my every command. They’ll be mesmerized by my natural female dominance.

So, let’s see if you think you are good enough to become my money slave.

The Dominant Female

Ms. Financial Domination is the most authoritative Mistress you will encounter. My piggies must always be ready. So don’t waste my time. Do you have what it takes to be financially dominated by me? Probably not…

Submit To Me

All of my pathetic subs must be ready to fully submit themselves to me. Your only job as my slave is to make my life glamorous through your wallet. Because I know that’s all you’re good for.

The Goddess of Findom

I’m the Goddess, and you better treat me like it. I don’t have time for the pathetic subs that try to waste my time. Just ask my current piggies and they’ll tell you. Always be ready to treat me like the Goddess that I am.

Make A Tribute... Slave

Don’t even think about trying to contact me unless you can show me that you are worthy. There’s a line of subs waiting to treat me like a Goddess. What will you do to set yourself apart? If you don’t know, you better keep reading…

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