Chastity Training – Key Holding by Ms. Findom

When you decide to (or when I tell you to) slip on a male chastity, deciding what to do with the key is what makes or breaks the experience. Sure, you can keep the key around. But when you can unlock yourself at a moment’s notice, the effectiveness of a chastity device is diminished.

Chastity Key Holding

Key holding is when a third party controls the key to your chastity device. It is the most effective way of ensuring that you do not have access to your dick. The key holder will have the power.

As a goddess of chastity keyholding, Ms. Findom will literally hold the key to your dick. You won’t be able to get an erection. Jerking off will be out of the question. You’ll probably even have to pee sitting down. When you experience all of this, the reality will sink in. This is when the use of a chastity device is most effective.

The Most Effective Form of Chastity Training

Long distance chastity training is the most effective way to train your submissive side. There’s no way to escape it. It is the only way to ensure that there is no way to remove your device. It will groom you to bring out your submissive side and to act in the proper manner.

Fully Submitted To Me

You’ll become submissive to the mistress when she is holding your key. You’ll be locked up when you disobey me. It will train you to have better behavior. It will train you to obey my wishes. But most importantly, when I’m your chastity key holder, you’ll always know that I am the goddess that you submitted yourself to.

Unlocking It

When the predetermined time comes, certain milestones have been achieved or when I simply think your behavior warrants it, your dick will be unlocked. I take part in all kinds of chastity training and durations such as:

  • Mutually Predetermined – We’ll determine a date and time that I,as your keyholder, will agree to release you.
  • Key Holder Determined – I’ll decide how long you’ll be chaste for. Many factors will go into deciding this, and I’ll have the final say.
  • Random – The wear length will be based on something random, such as a random number or similar game.
  • Conditional – You’ll be allowed out of your chastity device when certain conditions have been met. You may also be let out for brief periods of time if you’ve achieved predetermined milestones. Or if I simply think you deserve it.
  • Other Creative Games – Being creative is what can take it to the next level. We can come up with creative new chastity games to make your it more interesting.

When You Get Released

When your key holder releases you, you’ll be feeling many things. You might have the best orgasm of your life if it was your first experience. You could be addicted after your experience it. Or you may have been previously addicted and are just can’t wait to be locked up again. What happens next might not even be up to you if your chastity key holder is locking you up as a punishment.

Pile of keys that I'm holding as the goddess of chastity key holding.

Key Holding Application

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