5 New Chastity Games You Should Be Playing

Chastity devices can add a new flare to your sex life or relationship in general. They allow you to instill your dominance in the wearers eyes. When you hold the key to their chastity device, you are literally holding the key to their dick.

Chastity is commonly used to punish your partner by denying them orgasms. You may allow them to be unlocked after a specific time period, or if certain achievements are made. But there are more interesting chastity games that can be played to add a fun new twist.

metal cage for playing chastity games

Keys in a jar

This chastity game involves a jar or similar container filled with keys that look alike. The dominant party will lock you up and mix the key in with all of the others. You might have the opportunity to pick one key every day. If it’s the right key, you get to unlock yourself. You can make this one more interesting by allowing extra picks as a reward. The more keys you add into the mix, the more interesting it gets.

Using an online keyholder

This one is the most effective game to play if you don’t have a partner or significant other to hold your key. When you use an online chastity keyholder, you give up all of your power. You’ll fully submit yourself to your keyholder. In my opinion, this is the most effective way of bringing out your submissive side. This is the chastity game that gets most newbies addicted.

Risk vs. Reward

This game of chastity is one of risk and reward. It’s spontaneous by nature which allows thing to escalate quick and get very interesting. The basic jist of “Risk vs. Reward” is that your keyholder will come up with random small tasks, challenges, questions, or other requests throughout the day. It may be something like challenging you to take a ten minute shower at the gym (with your chastity cage on of course). If someone sees it, you get to be unlocked a day sooner. Is the potential embarrassment worth one less day? Start the initial period of chaste higher to inspire you to come up with more requests, and provide greater motivation for the sub to go through with them.

Better of two evils

Better of two evils is one of the more intense chastity games. It’s similar to Risk vs. Reward, but it is mandatory to choose from two or more equally humiliating or difficult tasks or requests. There’s a reward for completing one of the requests. If you don’t complete either of them, there are severe consequences. You’re tasked with choosing the better of two evils.

Chastity game of chance

This game is purely random and will appear to those that get a thrill out of quick spontaneous games of chance. You’re essentially making gambles, and your wager consists of the amount of time that your dick will be locked up for. You might bet your chaste on the outcome of a sports game. It might even be something as simple as betting three days that the next car you pass on the highway will be red. Either way, it’s the risk that can give you a rush.

Chastity games will make it interesting

These are just a few interesting ones to try. You should of course put your own twist on one of them to make it even more unique. It can make the process of instilling your dominance through chaste more effective.



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