Pleasing A Findomme – A Lesson For Subs

black and gold clock showing how these pigs will waste a mistress' time.I get a lot of subs that beg to be my pay piggy, and most are just time wasters, or wankers as we like to say. If you are trying to please a findomme, don’t waste her time. They do many things, but a few just seem to stand out. Silly subs, they’re all the same…

How Do These Losers Waste A Financial Domme’s Time?

These are definitely the most common things that Ms. Findom encounters when dealing with the masses of piggies out there. Piggies, listen up. Read more about how pathetic you are.

Not following instructions when contacting her for the first time.

You need to prove that you are worthy by making a tribute. And not something pathetic. Do you really think our time is worth so little? Your time might be, but our’s isn’t.

Getting cold feet at the last minute

So many subs are ready to go through with submitted to a financial domme, but they chicken out when it comes time to put their wallet where their mouth is. Most are too scared when the time comes, but a small amount are so pathetic that they get off to it.

Playing a disappearing act

So many of these guys will go all the way then just disappear when the guilt sets in. They shoot their pathetic load all over the floor under their desk. They feel guilty at this point (and pathetic, because they are) and decide to disappear. But it’s usually not for good. Because once they can get their tiny dick hard again (to no more than 3 inches fully erect usually), they are scouring the internet for another findomme goddess.

What Should A FinDomme Do With These Losers?

You subs should be prepared, because you’ll pay when you waste her time. Literally. A mistress should always refuse these losers when they come crawling back. And they always do. Maybe it’s next month, maybe it’s next year. It could even be a few years down the road. Either way, these guys are so pathetic that they are addicted. And the addiction grows.

Continue to refuse them. Because they are not worth your time, and they have no idea how to please a woman. There’s one thing you can do, and that is to get the largest tribute from a pay piggy that you can get. You need to bleed him dry to teach him a lesson. After that, he will surely learn to not waste your’s or another Fin domme’s time.

Take It Even Further

If a mistress is dealing with the most pathetic of subs, you should take it up a level. Show that loser that you, as his Findom, now own him completely. He is all yours, and he does whatever you want him to do to entertain you. You should do thing such as making him your human ATM. Or you could even let everyone know that a Goddess owns his wallet.

Bouquet of flowers presented to please your findomme

How To Properly Please A Mistress?

These are a few tips that you should follow if you want to be a good money slave. If you shut up and read below, your mistress should probably keep your sorry ass around for a bit longer. But that’s only if she wants to. Because the only thing you are good for is pampering her and giving her a glamorous lifestyle. As soon as she decides she doesn’t need you, you will have to put up a fight. This is usually done by giving her more than you ever have.

Always do EXACTLY what she says

Your fin domme isn’t giving you specific instructions for nothing. So shut your mouth and listen to her. You will just keep doing it over and over again until you get it right. That is, if she doesn’t ignore your sorry ass.

Submit to her, and only her

Don’t disrespect your Goddess. When she agrees to graciously do you a favor and take you on as her pay pig, it is under the condition that you will submit yourself fully to her.

Do whatever it takes to keep the money flowing. 

You made a commitment to your findomme, so you better keep it. Max out those credit cards. Take out a loan. Make her the beneficiary to your 401k. She is doing you a huge favor by taking you on as a paypig, and you need to remember that.

If you subs follow these rules, you stand a better chance at pleasing your findomme. Definitely be sure to never waste her time. That is a bad road to go down, and you’ll probably end up there because you are pretty bad at pleasing women in general. But of course, it’s all subjective. You need to remember that she is in control, and she can and will come up with new requirements whenever it is convenient to her.


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