PayPig Application – Become My Financial Slave

Let's find out if you are worthy of becoming Ms. Findom's financial slave

  • American Express
submit yourself to ms findom and become her paypig.

The first step to becoming one of my paypigs is to complete the form on this page. But of course, you need to show the Goddess how much you want it. Open that wallet and making a tribute. Because we all know that is all you’re good for.

Chances are, I could ignore you completely. But if you can prove yourself to me, I may take you on as my paypig.

Don’t even think about wasting my time unless you can do that. Ms. Findom always has pathetic subs that will submit themselves to her. You’re just another loser out of the bunch.

My PayPigs

My Pay Pigs always do as I say. When I want them to open their wallet, they do it. When I want to be showered in gifts, they do it.

And of course, when Ms. Financial Domination wants to ignore one of her pay piggies, you deal with it. Because I’m the Goddess and you’re just a pathetic sub.

Some things that I do with my piggies:

  • Financial humiliation
  • Cash tributes
  • Small penis humiliation
  • Sissification
  • Live Skype sessions
  • Private text messages/social media
  • Consensual blackmail
How to be a good financial slave. Make her life as luxurious as could be.

How To Be A Good PayPig

I don’t have time to deal with pathetic losers that like to waste my time. If you want to be my pay pig, you need to fully submit to the Goddess and follow a few¬†basic rules.

  1. You must always do what the Mistress says.
  2. I get what I want. Always.
  3. If you don’t do it right, I’ll make you do it again. And you will.
  4. I’m the dominant female.
  5. You will never dominate me. Ever.

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