Tuesday Tributes 09-27-16

Hello to all of my piggies. It’s time for another Tuesday update. This one will be short because on tribute was so pathetic that it just tops them all. So let’s get right to it. I have a shopping spree to go on (courtesy of Black Loser).

Let’s talk about Small Cock Fag. Look at this crap that he sent me. I can’t believe he even had the nerve to do this. (I know he doesn’t have the balls, because he’s a sissy fag).

small cock fag's horrible tribute.

All of you subs out there should know something. If Ms. Findom tells you to send her one crisp $100 bill in the mail each week, you do as she says. Don’t take after Small Cock Fag and waste my time with this crap.

I gave him a very simple task, and he couldn’t even do that right. He truly isn’t capable of pleasing a woman.

Small Cock FagI know you’re reading this. And I better not have to tell you again. I’m expecting to see another envelope from your sorry ass in my mailbox ASAP.

You better make sure that a brand new, crisp $100 bill makes it to me without any creases or folds on it. Do whatever it takes, or else you’re going to keep trying it over and over until I’m happy.

Let this be a lesson to all of my subs that are reading this.


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